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Meet The Doc

Thank you for visiting this site and for taking a few moments to listen to the message in the audio recording. Brief background profile: My profession officially began in 1989 when I wrote ABC Feelings Coloring Book for Children, which correlates feelings with the alphabet–a revolutionary new idea at that time. The purpose of the entire line of products that emerged from that one book, was to enhance emotional literacy. As life is about change, in 2014, I gave birth to a new product with an entire new focus: endangered species. The message remained the same but with a new twist. The emphasis on endangered species expressing themselves. Although my passion for the animals has been active since 1989, it is surfacing in a more full way now with this new coloring book. Because this is where I am placing my emphasis now, I am offering the remaining ABC Feelings inventory as a drastically reduced cost. (Click on “ABC Close Outs” to learn more.) Fast forward to 2015 when I walked the Camino de Santiago in 2015, alone, at the ripe young age of 75 and raised $2500, because of a sign on my pack that said, Walking For Wildlife. The funds were donated to the elephant orphanage at the David Sheldrick Orphanage in Kenya. Part of the magic of this experience was meeting like-minded soul sisters from around the world, such as Lili from Columbia and Iwona from Berlin. I trust your education about endangered species will be expanded while reviewing this site. I look forward to your comments and being of service. I often visit schools with the purpose of sharing with the students the plight of our endangered species

I recently dug into my memorabilia box to discover a flyer i’d sent out “snail mail” to friends and family. Pertinent information derived from a PBS special on elephants and the poaching tragedy and asking the reader to take action. The date? 1989.

I have been an activist most of my life; from protesting lead in gasoline in the 70’s to most recently (Dec. 2016) packing up a huge bag of winter clothes to support the folks at Standing Rock


What nurtures The Doc:  Time in nature, good friends and inspiring sharing.


Gene and The Doc…my supportive partner for 53 years.