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A little background about ABC Feelings:

Many ABC Feelings customers may be wondering what happened to the product line that has been in the marketplace since 1989. The following is a brief history since its inception. It was after a backpacking trip in The Sierra Mountains with a dear friend, when we starting chatting on the way home about feelings. Before I knew it I had a flash–why not correlate the alphabet with feelings instead of the typical associations to help a child build his/her feelings vocabulary. That was in 1986. Three years later, (1989) ABC Feelings Coloring Book was born which was followed by an “audio tape”, poster, flashcards, carpet, feelings dictionary, and other supportive items based on the idea of encouraging emotional literacy in children (really a disguise for adults). “Where was this book when I was growing up? Raising my kids?”, I heard from many. A participant at a teachers conference told me, “I’m chicken to bring up the subject of feelings in my classroom, because I don’t understand my own.” Fast forward: In 2014 I approached an illustrator friend of mine, Kim Howard, and requested new art for these important supportive tools. Kim said, “Why not Endangered Species?” The coloring book was in print shortly after our collaboration. So, in addition to supporting emotional literacy, the focus now is on endangered species. It depicts gorgeous illustrations, as well as text stating the characteristics of 26 species, as well as WHY each is endangered– each spoken in their own narrative. While speaking to a class of 5th grade students, I asked the question “How many endangered species do you think there are?” i took three answers: “96, 45, and 104.” The teacher was even shocked when I placed the figure of 44,415 on the blackboard. (That was spring of 2016.) This is a book for children and adults on the planet. I love this book, and I know you will also.