Intuition, Your Greatest Teacher & Inner Realms, 30 Min. talk on subject of Intuition and 30 guided meditation

by Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.

Intuition E-book

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“Allow your softer, more intuitive, and less dominating feminine qualities to rise to the fore, so that you’re surrendering rather than dominating, receiving rather than broadcasting, loving rather than fighting.” Lau Tsu

Table of Contents of Intuition Course

Life’s Puzzle

The Greatest Teacher

Taking Responsibility


Good Vibrations

Creative Action

Decisions and Intuition


21 Days to Self-Empowerment & Magical Meditations, Four guided meditations w/inspiring background music to reach

new levels of awareness.

by Alexandra Delis-Abrams,Ph.D.


$ 29 $ 15.95


Welcome to the course that will provide you with answers you may have been seeking throughout your lifetime. I have created this program with the purpose of encouraging you to get to know yourself. You will discover why you might be continually struggling with achieving the quality of life that you seek and deserve. In 21-days, you will be able to learn why conscious choices are essential to your happiness and how they will allow you to fulfill your highest goals and dreams in relationships, health, career and abundance.

I invite you to be honest and committed to this project. Yes, learning about your self is a project, which first begins with YOUR INTENTION. What do you intend to achieve throughout this course? Set your intention each day for the desired result, and intend to achieve it. You will need a journal, so select one that brings you joy every time you look at it. A beautiful writing implement is encouraged to support your process.

The Conscious Choice Conscious Creation course is designed to stimulate your thinking through the Socratic Method, a system of learning, named after the Greek philosopher who recognized there is power in asking questions. You have all the answers within. As you interact with this process, you will become more engaged with it, thereby allowing your intuitive wisdom to come forth, unhampered and free.


You will gain the most from the Conscious Choice ~ Conscious Creation lessons and all your hard work by fully immersing yourself in the process. Do not skip the journaling part of this transformational program. Read the lesson, say it aloud, and write your responses in your journal. Getting involved in the lessons and your journal will invite your creative nature to burst forth!

Each day will include a ‘Reality Check’ along with an assignment. The more you participate in both of these aspects, the more you will get out of the course. The assignment is to be used as a benchmark after you complete that day of the course. The 21-day Conscious Choice ~ Conscious Creation course could almost be viewed as an extreme makeover. You may not recognize yourself when it is complete. Are you ready for that possibility?

The course requires personal work and introspection, a process that can’t be rushed, so you need not complete it in exactly 21 days. However, it is to your advantage to complete the first five days in five consecutive days, then move through the remaining 16 days within the space of three weeks or less. Create your task list of what you will accomplish and by what date and make it work for you. Commit to having a successful experience.